Porthos is developing a project in which CO2 from industry in the Port of Rotterdam is transported and stored in empty gas fields beneath the North Sea.

The CO2 that will be transported and stored by Porthos, will be captured by various companies. The companies will supply their CO2 to a collective pipeline that runs through the Rotterdam port area. The CO2 will then be pressurised in a compressor station.

The CO2 will be transported through an offshore pipeline to a platform in the North Sea, approximately 20 km off the coast. From this platform, the CO2 will be pumped in an empty gas field. The empty gas fields are situated in a sealed reservoir of porous sandstone, more than 3 km beneath the North Sea.

Porthos will store around 37 Mton CO2, approximately 2.5 Mton CO2 per year for 15 years.

Porthos has been recognised by the European Union as a Project of Common Interest. For more information, please visit this webpage of the European Commission.




Porthos is currently mainly focussing on the permit procedures and technical details. These issues must be concluded so that a final investment decision (FID) can be taken in 2023.

As soon as the investment decision has been taken, the construction of the infrastructure will start. It is expected that the system will be operational by 2026.