16 September 2022

Permits for CO2 storage under the North Sea

The permits for Porthos for the storage of CO2 in empty gas fields under the North Sea are irrevocable. The fields P18-2 and P18-4 are the first fields in the Netherlands in which CO2 may be stored permanently.

The decisions on the storage permits were open for inspection from 15 July to 26 August 2022. No responses were received. The permits have thus become irrevocable. Obtaining the storage permits for fields P18-2 and P18-4 is an important milestone for Porthos: this fulfils one of the conditions for taking the final investment decision (FID) for the project.

A number of other permits must also become irrevocable before the FID can be taken.  The National Integration Plan and the environmental permits for the compressor station and platform P18-A are not yet irrevocable as these permits have been appealed to the Council of State. The appeal focuses on Porthos’ use of the construction exemption. The appeal case was heard on 29 March 2022 and the Council of State expects to rule in October.

In the meantime, Porthos continues working on the project to avoid further delays and to take the FID as soon as possible after a (positive) ruling and start building the Porthos infrastructure.