Will Porthos receive subsidy for this project?

Porthos receives financial support for the costs incurred in the preparation of the project and for the investment in the infrastructure. For the preparatory studies, Porthos received €1.2 million sub-subsidy from RVO in 2018 and €6.5 million subsidy from the European Commission in 2019. For the realisation of the infrastructure, Porthos received a €102 million grant from Brussels in 2021.

In spring 2021, Porthos’ customers were awarded SDE++ subsidy. They receive the subsidy to bridge any difference between the cost of the European Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and the total cost of capture, transport and storage. Because of the ETS system, it is expected that, in time, more and more will have to be paid for CO2 emissions. With this, it is very likely that our customers will receive much less, or perhaps no subsidy at all.

With this scheme, companies can contribute to achieving the Dutch Climate Agreement objectives while remaining competitive.