Will Porthos receive subsidies for this project?

Porthos is obtaining financial support for the costs made in preparing the project and for the infrastructure investment. Various funds are available and will be examined, including funds from the national government and the European Union.

For the preparatory studies, Porthos received a grant of € 1.2 million from RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) in 2018 and a grant of € 6.5 million from the European Commission in 2019. In 2021, Porthos received a subsidy of € 102 million from Brussels for the realization of the infrastructure.

The Porthos customers were granted SDE++ subsidy in the spring of 2021. The SDE++ subsidy is necessary to bridge the difference in costs for ETS and the total costs for capture, transport and storage of CO2. This helps the companies to remain competitive while contributing to achieving the Dutch Climate Agreement objectives.