25 January 2024

A promising start to 2024!

On January 24 and 25, the Zero Emissions Platform, in collaboration with Porthos, hosted the inaugural event of the Projects Network. This network serves as a platform where European CCS and CCU project developers can exchange knowledge to support the implementation of their projects. For Porthos, knowledge sharing is a crucial aspect of our mission, as the application of CCS is essential for achieving national and European climate goals.

The knowledge-sharing event took place at the Hilton in Rotterdam and featured various presentations. Our team members delivered several presentations, ranging from pipeline characteristics and platform conversion to a discussion of our customers’ perspectives. Following the presentations, discussions ensued, and participants posed clarifying questions to the speakers. The event not only addressed the technical aspects of CCS projects but also highlighted best practices in stakeholder management and the government’s role.

In addition to the presentations, the event provided extensive networking opportunities, allowing participants to discuss the rollout of CCS. In short, it was a highly successful event. We are honored to have hosted the inaugural event of the Projects Network and look forward to a successful continuation. For more information about future events and the Projects Network, we invite you to visit the events page of the Zero Emissions Platform. Zero Emissions Platform – Evenementen.