07 February 2019

Draft Memorandum on Scope and Level of Detail available for inspection

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been produced for the Porthos project. An EIA helps to clarify all spatial planning and other interests and to weigh these against each other, such as the consequences for the landscape, living environment and nature. This enables the government to consider the environmental impact of projects carefully when making decisions. Prior to producing the actual EIA, what the EIA should include is determined using a Memorandum on Scope and Level of Detail (MSLD). The draft of this (the d-MSLD) will be available for inspection from 8 February until 21 March 2019. Anyone wishing to respond to the document in this period can do so by submitting a point of view. 

Two drop-in sessions will also take place about the d-MSLD. The first will be on Wednesday, 20 February 2019 in Stadswinkel Rozenburg, Jan van Goyenstraat 1 in Rozenburg. The second will be on Thursday, 7 March 2019 in Cultureel Centrum de Man, Burg. Letteweg 30 in Oostvoorne. The sessions will take place between 7.00 pm and 9.00 pm. Information about the project and the procedure will be available during the drop-in sessions. Employees will also be available to answer any questions. Moreover, there will be an opportunity during the event to submit verbal or written points of view on the d-MSLD and on the public consultation.

Additional Information

More information about the d-MSLD and all associated documents is available from https://www.rvo.nl/subsidies-regelingen/bureau-energieprojecten/lopende-projecten/overige-projecten/porthos

If you have any questions as a result of this, please do not hesitate to call the Energy Projects Agency on telephone number +31 (0)70 379 89 79.